You can be my destiny. You can mean that much to me.

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Jun 26
2:53 pm

One of my favorite songs to come out in the last year. Absolutely beautiful. The simple video really does this the justice it deserves. I give you The National “I Need My Girl.”

Feb 18
3:06 pm
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One of my favorite bands of 2013 covering one of my favorite songs of 2013. This is just incredible.

Feb 13
5:45 pm
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"I don’t want you as a ghost
I don’t want you as a fading light
I don’t want to be the weight you carry
I just want to be the man you come home to every night…”

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Dec 31
12:54 pm
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Throughout history, there have been vast amounts of influential artists, when it comes to music. There have been very few though, that have reached the level of influence as Lou Reed.

Reed passed away yesterday morning, and the world lost a true Rock icon. As the fan of music that I am, I was grateful to be spending that day at the annual Bridge School Benefit Concert, in Mountain View. With a lineup that consisted of Jenny Lewis, Heart, fun., Elvis Costello and Diana Krall, My Morning Jacket, Tom Waits, Queens of the Stone Age, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, I expected at least a moment of silence for the legendary Velvet Underground co-founder. What we got was even more powerful.

To close their set, My Morning Jacket called out many artist from the day (including Lewis, Costello, Krall, and Young), to pay homage to the man that influenced so many of their careers. With an absolutely incredible acoustic rendition of “Oh! Sweet Nuthin," MMJ put a silence over the crowd that you don’t often hear at concerts. 

The hit, from The Velvet Underground's 1970 hit album Loaded, was without question the highlight of the weekend. While this ended up being the only tribute to Reed, it was exactly what the day needed. A great musician honored with the respect he truly deserved. 

Bridge School is one of the best concerts you can attend, in my opinion. Not just for the always stellar lineups, but for the purpose of the show in general. For those reasons, this is a show that I will always look forward to attending. 

Thank you Neil and Pegie Young, for all of the work you do for Bridge School, and for this special show you give us each and every year. I look forward to supporting whatever you bring us in 2014.

Oct 28
3:01 pm
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Pretty fantastic cover of a really great song. I’ll forever love Coheed and Cambria. And, Bastille is definitely going to be a band that makes a name for themselves in the near future. Their debut album is something special.

Oct 16
4:50 pm
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James Blake, the master of creating beautiful music, has done it again. With the first single, ‘Retrograde,’ off his sophomore album, “Overgrown,” due out April 9, Blake gets all fans right on board for another incredible album. 

If the followup to his 2011 self-titled debut is anything like what Retrograde is crafting, it will be one that ends up near the top of many year end lists. As a treat for us fans, not only did he create a magical song, but a beautiful video to accompany it.

Feb 13
5:19 pm
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One of the best songs I’ve heard in some time. If you haven’t listened to Half Moon Run's new album Dark Eyes yet, treat yo’self. It’s a true beauty, and one of the best albums of 2012.

From start to finish, these Canadian guys have created a sound that resonates throughout each chord on this album. 

Check them out on Spotify.

Oct 16
8:09 pm
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People, people… If for some reason, you live under a rock and still don’t know who The xx are, I give you their new single “Angels” from their forthcoming sophomore album Coexist.

With Romy’s beautiful, yet haunting, vocals leading the way, this soft guitar driven track is 100% to the core xx music. If this doesn’t get you excited for their new album, shame on you. 

Jul 16
6:02 pm

Song of the Day: The Only Place by Best Coast

Absolutely loving this song/album. Perfect for the coming California summer.

For those of you that don’t live in California, I’m sorry. But, it’s just better here lol

May 3
4:12 pm
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